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Firmware and Trouble-shooting

For the most part this section pertains to iPhone users.

Hello iPhone owners, if you are seeing this message

Step 1: buy an Android or Blackberry..... Kidding

First understand why this is happening.

In Apple's great battle to prevent any iOS user from using 3rd party accessories they ramped up their firmware for their  iOS7 update. The charging cables (certified apple and 3rd party) contain a chip in the charging end that talks with the iOS's firmware. The iOS7's firmware was/is so strict that it denies some certified apple devices.

Recent iOS updates (iOS 8/9) have relaxed this firmware but for lots with the iPhone 5 series, this problem persists.


All of our cables have the most updated chips in them which should prevent this issue but should it still arise simply unplugging the charging cable, flipping it over and plugging it back in should make the message disappear.

If this doesn't work, please follow these steps provided by Apple Support:

If you need help with iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch accessories

If you're having issues with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch accessory, try these steps.

Update your software

Install the latest version of iOS. You can see which version is on your iPhone by going to the About screen.

Disconnect and inspect the accessory, then restart your device

  1. Disconnect the accessory and turn it off, if possible.
  2. Inspect the connection between the accessory and device and make sure that no debris or other damage is present.
  3. Restart your iOS device by turning it off, then back on. When the Home screen appears, reconnect the accessory.

Try a different device

Make sure the issue is with the accessory, if possible. Always use an identical or similar, compatible device with the accessory you're troubleshooting.

  • If there's static coming from the left audio channel when you use headphones, try connecting the headphones to a similar device.
  • If the device isn't syncing when connected to the dock, connect it directly to the computer using the Apple 30-pin to USB Cable or try another USB port.
  • If you're using Lightning to 30-pin Adapter in a connection chain, try using the same adapter on a similar or identical device.

Check the compatibility

Make sure the accessory is compatible with your device. If the accessory is on the Apple Online Store, you can see if your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch model is listed as compatible.

If your accessory uses the 30-pin connector, you might be able to connect it to your device using the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter or Lightning to 30-pin Adapter (0.2 m).

See if your accessory's compatibility is limited. For example, some accessories might not charge iOS devices if they use FireWire instead of USB to charge.