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The Science of the Charge

The concept of Amps and Volts is foreign to most so allow us to provide a simplified explanation courtesy of The Hawaii Electric Light Company 

Electricity is measured in terms of amperage, voltage, and wattage. Amperage (amps for short) is a measure of the AMOUNT of electricity used. Voltage (volts) measures the pressure, or FORCE, of electricity. 

Think of it this way: Electricity flowing through a wire is like water flowing through a garden hose. The amount of water that can fit through the hose depends on the diameter of the hose (amps). The pressure of the water depends on how far open the faucet is (volts). 

Why is this important?

We spend A LOT of money on our mobile devices yet we aren't aware of the risks we constantly subject them to. There are a lot of charging products on the market that boast high mAh (milliamper) suggesting their charger will charge your device super fast. The problem with lots of these devices is they have high or unregulated Voltage which will lead to the charger overheating and damaging your phone.


The Charger Guys Advantage

All of our devices have over and under power regulators, limiting the voltage to 5V max. As the standard mobile device is built to receive 6+V, your device remains safe with our chargers.