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History of The Charger Guys

In the Beginning

While working for a prominent Toronto restaurant group, it was observed that there was a definite need for a solution to the mounting requests, by guests, to have their phones charged. Recognizing this opportunity, Michael put his product sourcing skills to work, finding, testing and securing distribution rights to a collection of Top Quality, High Capacity Phone Chargers (Power Banks). 

He introduced the concept of portable, table-side phone chargers to the decision makers within the restaurant group, gaining immediate validation of the concept, followed by a purchase order. 

Knowing the scope of the opportunity, Derek Thomas began brainstorming with Michael, quickly showing the great value his knowledge, experience and contacts offered. The partnership was formed.


Expanding Our Market

With the success of the roll-out into the restaurant industry, Derek and Michael started testing other markets. Quickly, they realized that as long as they tweak their business models, the can find success within all business markets. They found success expanding their services into law firms, Nightclubs, car dealerships, hotels, sporting arenas, Concerts and many other markets.

To this point Michael and Derek had been operating the business under a different name. With the rapid growth they were experiencing, they realized they would need investment capital, to properly fund this expansion, while also providing them the opportunity to re-brand the company.

How do you choose the right name? Derek and Michael brainstormed with their family and friends, in search of that perfect name. It wasn't until visiting one of their clients that they were given the perfect name. When arriving at their clients office the client announced, "The Charger Guys are here". 

From that day forth, they were The Charger Guys!


Institutional Support

While Michael and Derek's families were exceptionally supportive in helping finance thier growth to this point, it was time to find formal financing. With the new name, a polished growth plan and all the confidence in the world, The Charger Guys went shopping for an investor. By utilizing their network, they were able to secure an opportunity to pitch some of the Investment Bankers at Canaccord Genuity. Two meetings later, they had their partners.